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Meet Clark's Guide Dogs

Since 1986 Clark and his guide dogs have continued to Inspire Others to See In New Ways. As soon as Clark takes a hold of the harness handle, he gives his complete trust

to his guide dog. They work as a team, in sync, tandem, trusting and communicating. Clark relies upon this unique relationship and teamwork, giving his total confidence to his guide dog as each one has had their season to lead him through an amazing journey, giving him freedom of mobility for an extraordinary life.


2015 - Present

Aurelia is a Golden Retriever yellow Labrador cross and Clark's 6th guide dog from Guide Dog's for the Blind (GDB). Aurelia was raised in California and met Clark at the Guide Dog campus in Boring Oregon where they began working together on September 14th, 2015. She is 54 lbs and a little dynamo when she works. Clark likes to call her his little sports car as she is quick to the start and tight on the corners. Through Ultimate Vision Clark and Aurelia continue Inspiring Others to See In New Ways as he Trusts, takes a hold of the harness, Communicates and rely's on Teamwork and Confidence as Aurelia leads him through his every day life.



2008 - 2015

Arby is a yellow Labrador and Clark's 5th guide dog from Guide Dog's for the Blind (GDB). GDB is an organization that prepares highly qualified guide dogs to serve and empower individuals who are blind or have low vision. Arby was and will continue to be much more than a guide dog. He is Clark's friend, companion, and of course a professional attention hound!  Although retired, Arby continues to entertain and educate children and people of all ages as he travels with Clark and his new guide dog Aurelia, to share the story of "A Guide Dog Named Arby," a job that he find quite rewarding!



1998 - 2008

Lacy was my black lab, and my corporate lady.  Labradors are reliable and will adapt to whatever lifestyle and pace is required - we’ll call them the Subaru Outback of guide dogs.  Before coming to me, Lacy had over 150,000 airmiles on her as a guide puppy in training.  She was sleek, loved to curl up under boardroom tables, fly on airplanes and sleep in hotel rooms.  Lacy was happiest while working an airport or a hotel setting, at the same time she loved to place one pay on my foot and call it a night.


1994 - 1998

Toddy, a majestic black and tan, saddle back German Shepherd, a big ole gentle giant who was happiest if he could work hard and long - we’ll call him the Dodge Durango with a Hemi!  His slanted rear end was designed for quick stops, fast turns and agile redirection.  Being a herding dog, Toddy's breed had a different gait and a power that was very visible as we worked. At times he was mistaken as a drug/police dog while we were out on the streets. At home, he was a big ole teddy bear who loved to snuggle up close. 

image-asset (1).png


1986 - 1992

Missy, a beautiful Golden Retriever would be considered a very happy-go-lucky, laid-back dog, content to say, “If I work today, that is fine; but if I can put it off until tomorrow, that is even better!” Without a doubt, this would be the Volkswagen bus of the guide dog family. Missy, sometimes referred to as  “Little Miss Mischief,” was definitely a dog that allowed me to go for a nice walk at a well-adjusted pace and would do her job to the letter. But don’t let that fool you, she was also very content to lie around the house and just be Missy.

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